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Patch Notes, Blue Tracker, Interviews, Forums, Expansion Details

Raid Groups, Special Events, Past-Present-Future Raiding in WoW

Gearing Assistance, Easy to use Graphical Combat Logs, Gem/Enchanting Help

WoW, Hearthstone, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm - News & Guides

News, Interviews, World 1st Race Tracking

Son of a Lich & #Acherus IRC for all things Death Knight

Podcasts, Guides & Forums for everything Monk

Podcasts, Guides, and Forums for everything Druid

Protection Paladin Blog, Info, Stat Weights and Weak Auras by Theck

Guides, Boss Strategies, Talents and More for Restoration Shaman

Forums, Assistance, Theory-crafting all by/for Mages

Shadowcraft, Guides, Theorycrafting, #Ravenholdt ICR for those Shadowy Rogues

Bald, Beard, Tacos. Brutall is a Streamer & YouTuber whose knowledge of WoW is as big as his Heart.

The WoW Lore Master, Let's Plays & Live Streaming all in one adorable Dutch gentleman.

WoW Raid Boss Guides, Live Streaming British Brothers of the Tainted Core.

WoW Commentaries, Legacy Insight & Drama Time. Oh, also Ghosty. Don't forget him mate.

WoW Tips, Discussions, Thought-Bubbles & Guides all done with that Epic Accent.

WoW News, Q-Talks w/other Personalities & Live Streaming with a Wonderfully Friendly Accent.

Incredible Hand-Drawn Animated shorts for WoW, Starcraft, Diablo & Heroes of the Storm.

The Home of the Space Butterfly and all things Cox.

Machinima, Let's Plays, Cat Videos and all other Non-Content Content.

Seasoned World of Warcraft Machinima Creator &  other things.

World of Warcraft Machinima, and amazing Music Videos.

Original WoW Songs, Parodies & Collaborations. Sung/Written/Preformed.

Singer & Belf Rapper. Original Songs, Parodies & Collaborations.

Singer & Songwriter. Video Game Inspired Music & Music Videos.

Lanyards, BlizzCon Badges & Original Art Commissions.

Creator of BadgeBabes, Artist, Commissions.

BadgeBabe Artist, Commissions, and sips Hot Chocolate.

BadgeBabe Artist, WoWeh.com Comic Creator.

Freelance Artist, Tea Addict, Original Art Commissions.

Professional 2D Artist & Illustrator.

FinalBossTV Wallpaper Artist, World Builder, Dragon slayer & Dungeon Roamer.

Freelance Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designer for all Firelord's Favored Banners. He's a Butt though. <3